20190528 Announcing GitHub Sponsors 💖

20190528 Announcing GitHub Sponsors 💖

Hi @yuzh233 ,
We’re thrilled to announce the beta of GitHub Sponsors, a tool to financially support the developers who build the open source software you use every day.

These extraordinary developers can now receive funding from the community that depends on their work, seamlessly through their GitHub profiles.
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To kick start this new program and boost community funding, we’re also launching the GitHub Sponsors Matching Fund. For each dollar that a developer contributes, GitHub will double that sponsorship for each sponsored developer’s first year in the program.

GitHub Sponsors is launching small and simple, but our mission is vast: to expand the opportunities to participate in and build on open source. We’re here to serve the developer community, and we’re eagerly listening for your input about what else you’d like to see in GitHub Sponsors. Today’s launch is just the beginning.
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Hi yuzh233:
我们很高兴宣布(announce) Github 赞助商(Sponsors)的测试版,该工具从经济上(financially)支持开发者构建您每天使用的开源软件。

这些杰出的(extraordinary)的开发人员可以他们的工作从开源社区接受资助(receive funding)。通过他们的github资料无缝(seamlessly)完成(捐助)。

启动这个(to kick start this)新的项目并增加(boots)社区资金,我们还启动了「github 赞助商匹配基金」。开发者贡献的每一(for each)美元,GITHUB 将为每一个受赞助的开发者在该项目的第一年中提供双倍的赞助资金。

GitHub 赞助商正推出(is launching发行)小型和简单的,但我们的使命(mission)是巨大(vast)的:扩大(expand)参与(opporunities)机会(participate)和构建开源社区。我们是为开源社区服务的,我们热切地(eagerly)倾听您的建议和关于您还希望在GitHub贡献商看到什么。今天的推行只是一个开始。

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